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Online Charity Auction & Silent Auction Planning Resources

Charity auctions are a great way to raise money for your organization and community. At DoJiggy, we know that organizing a successful fundraising auction takes time and hard work. We have designed our charity auction software to make the most of both. Because we believe in the work you do, DoJiggy also provides auction coordinators with a complete set of free resources to help make your fundraising auction a success. All of these resources can be easily modified for your organization's needs. These resources, along with our charity auction software, are part of our commitment to help organizations both large and small run successful and profitable fundraising auctions year-round.

I'm a volunteer who has been helping coordinate a first time silent auction for a local charity. I have found your free information and tools invaluable. You will be my "go to" place for additional tools as we grow our little auction in the coming years. Lori F.

Charity Auction Software

Charity Auction Software DoJiggy charity auction software can help fundraising event planners organize and manage the various details associated with hosting a successful charity auction event. This easy-to-use program allows administrators to easily post auction items, manage event registrations and sponsorships, generate financial reports, and provides a secure way for people to place bids online.
Charity Auction Software

Silent Auction Ideas

Silent Auction Ideas Looking for creative silent auction ideas to help you raise more dollars for your organization? Why not try a silent auction? Just know the success of your silent auction will depend on the items you auction off, as well as how you promote your silent auction fundraising event. The more creative you become in sourcing donated items, and the more valuable these items are perceived will help you to make your event even more of a success!
Silent Auction Ideas

How to Run a Silent Auction

How to Run a Silent Auction Silent auctions and online charity auctions have become very popular fundraising initiatives for nonprofit and community organizations. Not only do silent auctions have tremendous fundraising potential, but they are relatively easy to plan. In addition, organizing a silent auction can bring people from your organization and community together in a meaningful way including employees, volunteers, event attendees, and those who donate time, talent and items to auction off for donations.
How to Run a Silent Auction

Silent Auction Bid Sheets

Auction Bid Sheets Learn how to create silent auction bid sheets for your organization's next charity auction. In this article, we provide information on what to include on a Silent Auction Bid Sheet as well as offering an example form which you can customize for your event. These bid sheets are auto-generated through your auction administration area for DoJiggy Auction customers.
Silent Auction Bid Sheets

Silent Auction Forms

Silent Auction Forms Utilizing silent auction forms for your charity auction event is a great way to ensure you've got all the relevant information you need. You'll want to create: silent auction bid sheets, donation request letters, item donation forms, and sponsor solicitation and thank you letters. We've outlined a brief description explaining the purpose each of these silent auction forms serves, along with sample document templates for you to download.
Silent Auction Forms

Silent Auction Rules

Silent Auction Rules What kind of information should be included in your organization's silent auction rules? There are a number of different issues you'll want to address. From simple instructions that outline exactly how participants will place a bid to information about "final sale" of auction items to legal specifications that remove your organization from liability. Here are some guidelines to help you create rules for your silent auction event.
Silent Auction Rules

Silent Auction Flyers

Silent Auction Flyers In an effort to help promote your silent auction, you may be interested in creating a silent auction flyer. Good visibility increases participation, and in turn helps raise more dollars for your cause. Silent auction flyers are great tools to help spread the word about your charity auction event. In this article, we've outlined some basic steps to help guide you in creating an effective flyer for your fundraising auction event.
Silent Auction Flyers

Charity Auction Budget

Planning Budget - Excel Spreadsheet Financial planning and tracking is one key ingredient to a successful fundraising auction. The DoJiggy Charity Auction Budget is an Excel Spreadsheet budget that has been pre-populated with major charity auction income and expense categories, and includes a profit/loss summary for both estimated and actual income and expenses. The budget can be reviewed with your staff, Board of Directors or consultant, to help your organization with product and services ordering, fundraising and profitability goals. The DoJiggy Charity Auction Budget is fully customizable to meet your fundraising auction needs.
Auction Budget - Excel Spreadsheet - 274KB  (Right-click, then Save Target As to save file to disk)

No Risk Auction Items

Available Packages Dojiggy  - Word Document DoJiggy has partnered with leading auction merchandise providers to offer no risk auction items for your fundraising auctions. These are great vacation packages and sports memorabilia which you can promote for your online charity auctions. The great thing about this program is that you can advertise and auction the packages without having to put down any money up front. If you successfully sell the item at your fundraising auction, you then buy it from the provider and they send the item directly to the winning participant. Attached are the vacation packages, with text for advertising, and price list.

For more information, please contact us. NOTE: You must contact us first to verify availability and use the No Risk Auction Items text for your auction.
No Risk Travel Packages

The Silent Auction Handbook by The Fundraising Authority

The Silent Auction Handbook by The Fundraising Authority The Silent Auction Handbook: A Step by Step Guide to Holding Successful Silent Auctions is your complete guide to holding a profitable and stress-free event. This step-by-step guide will walk you through your silent auction event from beginning to end. The handbook provides detailed, easy to understand instructions on all aspects of your event, including: How to design and plan your silent auction event, establishing an auction committee, finding items to sell at your event, keeping track of your auction items, marketing your silent auction, setting-up, staffing, and running your silent auction and how to maximize your auction revenue.
Click here to purchase.

StepByStep Fundraising Auction Resources

StepByStep Fundraising StepByStep Fundraising publishes practical resources to help you raise funds for non profit causes. Their website provides how-to articles and guides that provide step-by-step instruction in getting your project off the ground. You'll find resources that can make your work easier and your fundraising more profitable such as the items listed below.

The Silent Auction Guide & Toolkit takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how to create a successful Silent Auction Fundraiser. Secrets of the Charity Auction Experts includes a teleseminar as well as transcripts with several auction experts, sharing their most cherished auction secrets.
Silent Auction Guide & Toolkit
Secrets of the Charity Auction Experts
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