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Silent Auction Forms

Silent Auction Forms

Utilizing Silent auction forms for your charity auction event is a great way to ensure you've got all the relevant information you need. So what kind of silent auction forms do you need? You'll want a number of documents for your event including: silent auction bid sheets, donation request letters, item donation forms, and sponsor solicitation and thank you letters. We've outlined a brief description explaining the purpose each of these silent auction forms serves, along with sample document templates for you to download.

Silent Auction Bid Sheets

Silent auction bid sheets are the primary way to inform silent auction bidders about items they are considering purchasing. For this reason, silent auction bid sheets need to include all the information a consumer would want to know in order to make a purchasing decision, helping bidders buy with confidence. This information includes: Auction Name, Item Title, Item Tracking Number, Item Descriptions (and any restrictions), Bid Amounts and Minimum Raise, and Contact Information for hosting organization. For more information about how to create a silent auction bid sheet, visit our resources dedicated to this topic.
Download Sample Silent Auction Bid Sheet

Item Donation Form

An item donation form is a "one-sheet" that businesses, individuals or other donors return to your organization along with the item/s donated for your silent auction event. These item donation forms are very important because they include all the relevant information that event planners will refer to when creating online item descriptions, auction brochures and bid sheets. The item donation form should include the following information: Name of Silent Auction, Mailing Address to send donations, Contact Information, and Delivery Deadlines. There should be a number of blank lines for donors to complete including: Donor Name, Business, Item Name, Description of Item, Value (include wholesale & retail price for business donating items), and any other relevant details for the item donated including celebrity autographs, previous owners, or vintage year (for antiques or wines).
Download Sample Item Donation Form

Donation Request Letter

A donation request letter is sent to any organizations or individuals who you are approaching to donate items for your charity auction. The letter you send can be used for donors to keep on file in order to claim donations at the end of the year with their taxes. This letter should explain the purpose of your fundraising event, how the items will be auctioned off, and how their specific donations would appeal to your audience. Be sure to explain how the funds generated from the auction will be used as this typically generates more interest from potential donors. And don't forget to show appreciation by thanking possible donors for their consideration. (Refer to our sponsor thank you letter as this can be re-purposed for Donor Thank You's)
Download Sample Donation Request Letter

Sponsor Solicitation & "Thank You" Letters

Reaching out to local businesses in an effort to bring event sponsors on board is a great idea. Not only will businesses help you by providing financial donations and resources to help produce the event, but they will also help you expand your reach by promoting the event to their employees, customers, and partners. Be sure to explain the purpose of your fundraising event and how proceeds will be used. In exchange for their sponsorship, they receive exposure to the local community through their support of a great cause. If sponsors do come on board to support your charity auction, be sure to recognize them in promotional materials, on-site at the event with signage and "mentions", as well as with "Thank You" letters following the event. Make sure to include metrics of how the event was successful including dollars raised for the cause, as well as highlighting the amount of their specific contribution. If sponsors are pleased with the event, they are likely to support your fundraising initiative in future years.
Download Sample Sponsor Solicitation Letter
Download Sample Sponsor Thank You Letter

Participant Registration Confirmation Letter

A participant registration letter is basically a confirmation that your organization has received an individual's registration for your charity auction event. This letter should thank participants for registering for your fundraising event and reiterate the goals you hope to accomplish. You should also include event date, time and location to ensure participants mark their calendars. List the event website where participants can learn more about the event, read about auction items, and place bids. Lastly, provide contact information so they may reach you with any questions.
Download Sample Participant Registration Confirmation Letter

Additional Resources

DoJiggy silent auction software can help you manage participant registrations, online listing and bidding for auction items, secure payment processing, sponsorship sales and promotion, and financial reporting.

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